Planting a natural woodland

Woodland is very important for the earth it is where most of the regulation for the earth’s climate, it is also the habitat for many creatures as well as been the place where get resources to build with. These habitats have gone through a lot of abuse due to bad management and the idea that if trees and shrubs grow there then people can grow food there. This is not a generalisation of any group of people but this can be seen all over the world from the birth of farming in the British Isles where they would remove the trees and then have pig till the ground. Some places in the where in a fine balance and this meant that when the trees where taken away and crops were planted this destabilized the fine balance creating an endowment with very little nutrients that retained water and even farming could not be stained.

Another place like this is the amazon basin you would think that a place where there is a network of rivers would be very abundant in nutrients as soil get washed of the Andean mountain range. This would be true as many place where rivers nutrients do get washed down stream in the river mud. But in the amazon basin when the trees are taken away they sandy drought prone soil finds it hard to keep nutrients through loss of nutrients in the river to along with farming the soils cannot handle agriculture without the adding of bio matter and fertilizers in higher amounts than other soils.


So what looks like very fertile soil when you look at it is not that fertile, this is manly for one resin and that is plants get most of what makes them from the air itself. Trees like all life forms on earth are made from Carbon, but unlike most other forms of like plants take the carbon that they need to grow from the air itself. This means that plants help to regulate the CO2 levels in the summer CO2 goes down and in the winter the CO2 rise as the trees and other plants go dormant for the winter.


As well as this vital CO2 cycle the forest is a place of great bio diversity it is also a place where we are finding many great compounds that could help our civilisation. This makes them very important places for both us and the wildlife that lives in them.


Good and bad planted woodland


Many things need to be decided when planting woodland let’s think about some of the points.


  1. The location of the new woodland
  2. The environmental factors
  3. The type of plants and trees suited to the environment
  4. The impact of the planting on the environment including its animals


There are many time that I have seen woodland that has been badly planted and managed these places are dark, where trees are planted to close to each other. The trees are that close they race to the sky while under their light clogging canopies only fungi and the odd animal lives but only at its fringes.

This is the sort of thing that a lot of tree plantations for paper and cheap timber fall into where they use evergreen trees to grow timber fast. In the UK this was a common practice of Pinus contorta (lodge pole pine). This comes from bad habit and limited knowledge of plants that make up woodland and how they grow.


The woodland’s location


Woodlands vary on where they are planted, the first thing is the topography of the land, and this includes the height from sea level. The soil depth to how much moisture is held by the ground to the pH of the soil. Now you need to think of climatic conditions this is annual rainfall, the annual temperature variation of the site from dry and wet seasons to if it snows or has long periods of drought


The types of trees shrubs and herbaceous


When you are thinking about this where you are is a big factor look at other places where woodland had grown naturally these will have species that are adapted to the environment this will ensure that you encourage the colonization of the woodland by animals and plants around in your local area.


This like what I have spoken about will vary greatly from if you live in the temperate zones or I in the tropics.


Planting from a mono culture field to a woodland


I will boing through the problems that I have encountered and have or are overcoming them. First of all I live in a temperate zone in the northeast of Scotland this poses a lot of problems from hot summers with verging rain fall and cold winters to the point where the snow drift up to 1.5m (5ft) this means I need to find species that grow in this environment.

First of all let’s think of the herbaceous this needs to be picked to what is local if not you can get an infestation very quickly killing off the native plants. These plants are from other countries manly and when placed in a different environment there is not the predators that graze on them or they have very mild environment compered to where they come from so they grow out of control.

The major one I am having a problem with is Chamerion angustifolium also known as fire weed of rosebay willow herb this is a native to North America and can become a big problem as it takes over vast stretches of ground.


I have tried many ways to gain control of the plant on a small scale it can be done by digging it up but the only way to get rid of big infestations of this plant is to spray it off. You may need to get a person in to do this properly.


I went for a general mix of wild flower that grew in location around me I asked farmers if I could collect seed off of wild flower before they sprayed their fields. I must add this was done with permission of the land owners and was only taken from places where the plants and seed where been killed off by spraying.

Also the legality of taking plants and seed from the wild is different from place to place, one way to get wild flower mixes is to check for registered seed growers of meadow flowers mixes these are not that expensive and can be purchased quite cheaply compared to other plant seed. But I do stress is not to take large amount of seed and plants from the wild as this can destabilize the environment.


Let’s talk shrubs and trees one of the main woodland shrubs that grow in my location is sambucus nigra  elder berry. This is a good shrub for birds and mammals it supply’s shelter very quickly as it grows fast and it also give a vast bounty of berries that good as a food sores ilex aquifolium, cytisus scoparius, Creataegus mongyna, Myrica gale to name a few good for wild animals. Also there is some plant even though not native will help in making habitat such as Symphoricarpos albus  it forms thickets that small game birds like to hide under.


The trees I have chosen to plant are a mix of type and habits this means that bio dverserty will be higher and also if one type of tree does not take there are others that will. The main one are Fagus sylvatica, brtula pendula, Aesculus hippocastanum, Prunus avium, Corylus avellana, quercus robur, malus sylvestrus, sorbus aucuparia, Pinus sylvestris. These are mainly the one that I am consentraiting on planting.


Bio Diversity


What is meant by the term Bio diversity well it means the abundance of many different type of plants and animals in an ecosystem. Put simply the more there are and the more diverse they are means the ecosystem is healthier. The less species of plants and animals the weaker it is and when it is placed under stress dieback starvation of animals is more common.

This is why you need to plant a wide number of plants trees and shrubs to encourage living woodland and not a barren plantation of one type of tree.

As well as multiple types of trees you need to think of planting, how dense to plant which can vary for species and type if you look at oak trees they have a big spread compared to a birch tree which likes to grow close together at about 1m apart at it minimum for a healthy shape and spread.


Also when I plant out trees I tend to like to place a tall tree in the middle with the smaller trees radiating out in a circular motion this looks more natural. Then throughout the woodland planting place some of the shrub cans small trees so that they will grow and establish.

This is a better way of doing it as if you plant in straight lines you tend to get a very unnatural look and it stats to resemble a tree nursery not a woodland . If done right it will establish quickly and healthy, you should start to see a difference in about 6 to 8 years. Where places’ are too thick with trees just take out one or two trees this will encourage the others to grow thicker trunks and allow light into the wood during times when leaves are on the trees.


Also you need to think about tree guards these come in many types’ choses the ones you like use. They range from price to use. Some are bio degradable others see through and some made of a mesh. There is one for every budget and I do advice to use them they may not protect from all animals like deer but they will agents rabbits which are the main pest for trees. Rabbits are introduces animal and not native to the UK, so are most deer species as well. They were brought in by the Normans when they invaded in 1066AD and have naturalised themselves but rabbits are the most destructive and can destroy the environment very quickly that is why you should have a healthy population of predators, such as birds of prey, foxes, badgers, stoats and weasels. Also to encourage them, the beast way is to have places where they can see prey animals easily. Also crows will help in the control of some pests such as rabbits, they won’t commonly pray on them but they have known to.


Also the final tip plant the trees over a period of a few years this will give you varied height and give it a more natural look


society slippery road to social apathy

there are many time i think we as individuals need to have a bit of struggle to grow and to change into better people. but self-reliance can only take you so far, Society is at it most cohesive if the peace is kept, all members feel valued and the ones that can’t look after their needs are help.

helping people does not just mean to through money at a problem, but helping with an all-inclusive plan. one of social care, money and help with day-to-day tasks in some cases. some people would say why is it important to help the disabled and the people with mental health or development issues. well would say it shows how our society is, it shows the cohesiveness of our society.

i have seen over recent year a demonizing by certain parts of the government of the disabled mentally ill and the handicapped it this the UK. they have been used as scapegoat  by George Osborne MP so he can take any help off them in the name of saving money. to be honest i find this a bit distasteful, also it has cost more money than it has saved. why should the  bankers and investors mess up the UK economy get off scott free and what we do is take what we can off people who cant defend themselves. i mean god forbid that we take all the money off the people who coursed this crisis, maybe try an kick start manufacturing and build a more stable economy that is reduce our ever expanding foreign aid budget and focus on getting things back on track.  no lets blame people with downs syndrome and cerebral palsy, fiscal disabled and the mentally ill.

this is very harmful way to think the last time this happened most of the vulnerable  in society ended up homeless and many of the sever cases of handicapped people where in state run institutions. which cost the tax payer more and the life of those in state care was very restrictive and ended up in a lot of people becoming institutionalized and took away the last of their self reliance.

this is why we helped people how where vulnerable to gain some Independence even if they needed a bit of help. it stop many mentally ill people ending up on the street, getting them back into the work place if possible. over the past few year there has been more and more cases of self harm and suicide due to the acts of the chancellor of the exchequer, the most recent i have herd of is a man in stoke-on-trent.

is this how we wish to get back on track i don’t think so all you have to do is look at the Haman wreckage that is left yet we still give more money to the vulnerable abroad and at the same time we have left people starve to death in the UK. yes you will always get people cheating any system of welfare but that does not mean you penalize the whole of society for a minority of cheats.

over the past few years the most harmful thing that has happened is the banks under valuing  business  and not handing out loans and in general keeping billions in profits as they foreclose on viable business. these are the people who have cheated Britain.  maybe this is just my view but i am sick to death of this sycophantic idea of what is right and wrong. when society uses the weak and vulnerable it eventually detracts from what makes us human, the protection of the group and helping others so they can take part and contribute to society. may that be with care, a basic standard of living or even access to housing and health care . these things help cement our society. some people will say this is the road to Communism, but answer this one how many Communist states had or have health care  i can only count one. the more stable society is the more productive it is and the more the economy will grow.

what we have forgotten it that the reason the economy has gone how it has is not because of befits been given to people, it is the sale factories shipping manufacturing over seas as we have listens to accountants thinking that if you produce in places where there is cheap labour you can make a bigger profit failing to grasp if you move jobs abroad who can afford to buy them. we then have more and people in part time work and in fast food restaurants and the creation of social apathy.

eventually when all manufacturing has gone people stat to breakdown and loot it ends up with many people leaving these places and what happen it something like what happened to Detroit, i recommend watching (a requiem for Detroit) . this is where social apathy can destroy the society itself and only the a few will hang on in the shell of what once was.

Ban the lads mag don’t make me laugh

Ban the lads mag don’t make me laugh


this is anther thing i have have spoken about before small minority pressure groups trying to destroy the freedom once again in the course of trying to save societies ills. it just winds me up how people like this thin that these groups think they can dictate to the majority in the UK.


this is a group trying o get something banned not because it is detrimental to society but they don’t like lads mags, they bring up all the old arguments how lads mags harm how women think about themselves and in treats women as object that results in the objectifying of women.

well if that is right about lads mags just look at women mags, filled with scantly clad men and women showing a standers most women and men can not obtain. i think it is time that these feminists take a look at what they are saying and doing here.


first of all are these women forced into taking these photographs no, are these magazines amide at children no and lastly is there any harm if all parties both the reader and models freely take part and do not fiscally harm anyone in the posses i say again no.

to be honest it is not the magazines that course violence to women it is violent men and in some cases other women. to blame the magazine industry for the acts of violent people is just shifting the blame. i do not understand why this group is trying to say that reading a magazine will turn you into a brutish thug that will beat a woman to death. i don’t think it will. the simple truth is that there are people out there who will be violent even if there was no magazines about.


also i think there is a bit of dubble standards here like i said earlier they go on about the lads mag but women’s mags have pretty much the same rubbish in them, you don’t see these people stating this no you don’t. to me this seems to be dubble standers and a bit of do as i say but not as i do. i would not read these magazines as i find them very boring and unfulfilling, i have never wished to objectify a woman after reading them. the problem here is not the banning of smut or sentencing something as it is harmful. no it is the march of socialism in the UK again, these people think they have the right to tell the majority in the UK what to do and we are letting them yet again.

they have already blocked out the front of the magazines and are treating them like they contain hardcore pornography.


to be honest i would advise people to read a book or even play video games as they are a better use of you time than reading most lads mags and also many of the ladies mags. but i don’t expect people who wish to read these magazine publications to listen, also it is not my place to say what other people read.

this is not trying to stop the servitude of women it is a minority trying to instil censorship on the British people on i don’t like that and i think we should not put up with it.


all i will say is think about what you see is happening and speak out for your rights


The plastic bag, government goodbye freedom

to many this is something that you would think is trivial even over reactionary but i put it to the reader to think about it carefully. in many countries over the world governments are putting more and more restrictions on freedom how in a free society is this achieved by government?

the first thing that many governments do is to erode small and basic freedoms in that society is to put restrictions on small things such as the banning of pen knives. this to some seems a good idea and a small minority will support such a measure, but if you look a the scenario.

 a government wishes to ban their populous from having knives so they put it out through small groups of individuals and through the media that everyone that owns a knife is doing so for an alter motive. this gets a minority of impressionable people to think that this is a good idea, this is implanting a thought that the knife is detrimental to the fabric of society.


after this they will then try to show in some manner figures that show the use of the knives is detrimental to society as a whole. this then opens the idea to restrict the sale and use of knives to make and size. dose this protect society no it does not all that happens is that anther freedom is lost.

and to those that say yes but knives harm society just remember this, the banning handguns in the UK have not stopped the use of handguns. in fact the crime figures have shown that since that legislation gun crime has increased and illegal gun ownership has also increased.

also has any knife amnesty ever stopped people from stabbing each other no, the only way to stop violent acts is to look at the root course of that violence and try to resolve it.

 the only thing that happens when you legislate against anything is that you take away freedom from the law abiding citizens. in some type of political ideologies it is their goal to do so such as socialism, communism and totalitarianism.


what has this got to do with plastic carrier bags, as for many years governments have tried to pass legislation on the use of plastic bag and shopping bags in general. at first you can say ‘oh that sounds like a good idea’ and they will say it is good for the environment. but scratch the surface and you see under the thin vainer that is is a smokescreen for hidden taxation.

but then they can say that the money off them can go to charity, this is a way to try and make anyone who questions them and their motives as anti charity and hart less. this is a despicable tactic that is used, it remind me of a talk given by Ezra Taft Benson


“By deriving its just powers from the governed, government becomes primarily a mechanism for defense against bodily harm, theft and involuntary servitude. It cannot claim the power to redistribute the wealth or force reluctant citizens to perform acts of charity against their will”

Ezra Taft Benson 1968


yes plastic bags are bad for the environment and yes you could say it is not up to the shop to supply them. but this is not the case the carrier bag was introduced so that the shop know that people had paid for the items and for advertising the shop. it is beneficial for the use of bags for both the shop and the customer.

if this was anything to do with environmental reasons you would encourage the use of paper bags as they are biodegradable, but it is not it is a way to control how shops do business and putting unnecessary restrictions on free trade.

also saying that in giving the money made of bags to charity takes away the idea that it is taxation, in in the UK it is a offence to force people to give to charity so the upcoming law in Scotland and legislation put down by the Welsh assembly is in contravention to the law. no one not even the government can make anyone give charity.


this just show that the Scottish parliament hold our law in contempt and that they try to push a program of control on the people of Scotland under the guise of good intentions but with the insidious intent to control every aspect of life.

this is due to the make-up of the parliament it is full of socialists and nationalists both very demanding and controlling ideologies. this is not the only bit of legislation that the head of the Scottish parliament and said that would restrict freedom like the idea to have all children monitored by the state to keep them safe. this unlike the bag tax is not even been hidden they are just out ritually saying the state can rear your children better than you. this is just showing how people have been condition that a politicians thinks he can come out with policies that are a mirror image of legislation that has more in common with the NAZI state and Stalinist Russia than any free society.


the major trouble is that in the UK over the past 20 years we have let politician think for us instead of thinking for our selves. the repercussions of this is that we have speed cameras maned by faceless corporations handing out road traffic fines in collusion with dubious practices from many local authorities


it is up to individuals in a society to question their government, if you stop questioning only tyranny and control is left.


In the name of God

has anyone ever thought what people mean when they say i did it in the name of God. similar when they commit acts of terrorisum and/or genocide in the name of God.

to me it is simple to exsplaine, it is people taking the onus off them and saying it was all to some grand plan. well this is where i have problems with this way of thinking.
first of all tocommit an act like genocide then say it was in the name of God is one placing the blame onto someone else, second how can you say it is the will of a God or gods.

i will try to exsplain through the collapse of the classical world and the rise of the dark ages. most people don’t know that this is the time when one of the biggest genocides happened, some people call it the pagan genocide. mainly what happend Empaor constaine and his successors used the new religion of christianity to ciment his power over the roman Empire. in doing so what he did was put to death all the people that did not agree with him or he sore as a threat. he did this by changeing the religion he adopted and then used that to put to death the rest of the pagan world if they did not convert. this went on for over 200 years and was the cores of the collapse of human knowledge and plunged the world into a darkage that only untill the start of restoration period.

here you can see what happens use this idea In the name of God. it is a great way to give any cores even if you perpetuate the most hainus act you can take all guilt away from you as it was Gods will.

this is where people take away all responsibility from them and to anther. then also say that their god is a just and loving god, after committing a terroist act or genocide like the examplei gave above. these people commit a logical phallusy, they say god is compassionate and at the same time vengeful as well as been infallible. you can see where the conflict is here, but this just show that their arugument and acts where not the will of some God but their own act.

if you blive in god anc he is infallible and you believe he tries to to good and encourage peopel to do good, then he can’t do evil as that then conflicts the idea that he is infallible.

and this is where i hate it when people say it is gods will or it was done in the name of god. i think that these people should just admit they do evil things because it was their will.

what the police say children are aloud to do in Aberdeen, UK

the police and social workers in Aberdeen are a complete waste of space. this is the new one I have heard they have said now, that you can not punish a child even by shouting at them or standing them in a corner. and don’t ground them and say they aren’t allowed out to go off and smoke and take drugs you are supposed to let them do what they won’t.

and they wonder why half of the children are not going to school and stealing it is a joke. I can point you to quite a few laws that say different but they seem to think as they are police they can make up any law they won’t.

this is the sort of thing that is perpetuating the crime problems it is like the police are manipulating children into committing crimes so they something to do. this reminds me of the stories in the history books about when the Greeks and the roman fire brigades would start fires, then only putting them out after money changed hands. i am not saying this is about bribes but what i am saying it is plane to see that this is about the police allowing children to run around like they own the place.

this to me sounds like individuals in the Aberdeen police and social work department think they can make up the law as they go along. if anyone else was to do that they would be arrested. it is clear to see the Aberdeen police force has just become another street gang not caring about true law and order.

this can also be seen over what has transpired over at an estate nere Aberdeen where people have been harassed by certain individuals that are building a golf cores for rich weirdos. one incident i can highlight is the man handling of a reporter for filming and interviewing people. another it the blatant disregard for people around there. mainly what i am getting at is the police have been aloud to get away with anything they won’t, and now they seem to be aloud to implement anything that they deem to be the law. i don’t know but when did Judge Dredd take over the policing of Aberdeen.

Why I mistrust people who only use Wikipedia as a source

First of all I am not saying that I think Wikipedia is a bad thing the concept of a free encyclopaedia which people can access is a noble idea. The free flow of human knowledge is a truly noble idea. But in the same way that Wikipedia is free knowledge it is also free to change and edit how people see fit. Sometimes this is to correct a mistake and other times it is to mislead the reader.


in the same way you can have incorrect information in a published book this is why if you wish to find out about any subject you need to go to multiple sources and compere what you are reading or seeing. If your where to put on a dissertation that the whole of your evidence came from Wikipedia then I don’t think you would get a good mark.


Like any form of knowledge it is written down by people and has quite a lot of the personality of the person that wrote it. this is when we need to find people who are qualified in their field and not off Mr smith down the road who herd something off a guy in the public bar who herd it off a friend.


another thing that is a problem is when people use quote from Wikipedia without understanding the meaning or context it is written in. this to me is just as bad as the person who does quote mining to win an argument. This has also spores a load of people who say they know fictitious people who said this and they just copied and pasted it form our old friend the internet.


What I am trying to say here we should be very careful about where we get information from or it can colour our idea of what is true fact and what is fiction