Why I mistrust people who only use Wikipedia as a source

First of all I am not saying that I think Wikipedia is a bad thing the concept of a free encyclopaedia which people can access is a noble idea. The free flow of human knowledge is a truly noble idea. But in the same way that Wikipedia is free knowledge it is also free to change and edit how people see fit. Sometimes this is to correct a mistake and other times it is to mislead the reader.


in the same way you can have incorrect information in a published book this is why if you wish to find out about any subject you need to go to multiple sources and compere what you are reading or seeing. If your where to put on a dissertation that the whole of your evidence came from Wikipedia then I don’t think you would get a good mark.


Like any form of knowledge it is written down by people and has quite a lot of the personality of the person that wrote it. this is when we need to find people who are qualified in their field and not off Mr smith down the road who herd something off a guy in the public bar who herd it off a friend.


another thing that is a problem is when people use quote from Wikipedia without understanding the meaning or context it is written in. this to me is just as bad as the person who does quote mining to win an argument. This has also spores a load of people who say they know fictitious people who said this and they just copied and pasted it form our old friend the internet.


What I am trying to say here we should be very careful about where we get information from or it can colour our idea of what is true fact and what is fiction


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