what the police say children are aloud to do in Aberdeen, UK

the police and social workers in Aberdeen are a complete waste of space. this is the new one I have heard they have said now, that you can not punish a child even by shouting at them or standing them in a corner. and don’t ground them and say they aren’t allowed out to go off and smoke and take drugs you are supposed to let them do what they won’t.

and they wonder why half of the children are not going to school and stealing it is a joke. I can point you to quite a few laws that say different but they seem to think as they are police they can make up any law they won’t.

this is the sort of thing that is perpetuating the crime problems it is like the police are manipulating children into committing crimes so they something to do. this reminds me of the stories in the history books about when the Greeks and the roman fire brigades would start fires, then only putting them out after money changed hands. i am not saying this is about bribes but what i am saying it is plane to see that this is about the police allowing children to run around like they own the place.

this to me sounds like individuals in the Aberdeen police and social work department think they can make up the law as they go along. if anyone else was to do that they would be arrested. it is clear to see the Aberdeen police force has just become another street gang not caring about true law and order.

this can also be seen over what has transpired over at an estate nere Aberdeen where people have been harassed by certain individuals that are building a golf cores for rich weirdos. one incident i can highlight is the man handling of a reporter for filming and interviewing people. another it the blatant disregard for people around there. mainly what i am getting at is the police have been aloud to get away with anything they won’t, and now they seem to be aloud to implement anything that they deem to be the law. i don’t know but when did Judge Dredd take over the policing of Aberdeen.


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