In the name of God

has anyone ever thought what people mean when they say i did it in the name of God. similar when they commit acts of terrorisum and/or genocide in the name of God.

to me it is simple to exsplaine, it is people taking the onus off them and saying it was all to some grand plan. well this is where i have problems with this way of thinking.
first of all tocommit an act like genocide then say it was in the name of God is one placing the blame onto someone else, second how can you say it is the will of a God or gods.

i will try to exsplain through the collapse of the classical world and the rise of the dark ages. most people don’t know that this is the time when one of the biggest genocides happened, some people call it the pagan genocide. mainly what happend Empaor constaine and his successors used the new religion of christianity to ciment his power over the roman Empire. in doing so what he did was put to death all the people that did not agree with him or he sore as a threat. he did this by changeing the religion he adopted and then used that to put to death the rest of the pagan world if they did not convert. this went on for over 200 years and was the cores of the collapse of human knowledge and plunged the world into a darkage that only untill the start of restoration period.

here you can see what happens use this idea In the name of God. it is a great way to give any cores even if you perpetuate the most hainus act you can take all guilt away from you as it was Gods will.

this is where people take away all responsibility from them and to anther. then also say that their god is a just and loving god, after committing a terroist act or genocide like the examplei gave above. these people commit a logical phallusy, they say god is compassionate and at the same time vengeful as well as been infallible. you can see where the conflict is here, but this just show that their arugument and acts where not the will of some God but their own act.

if you blive in god anc he is infallible and you believe he tries to to good and encourage peopel to do good, then he can’t do evil as that then conflicts the idea that he is infallible.

and this is where i hate it when people say it is gods will or it was done in the name of god. i think that these people should just admit they do evil things because it was their will.


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