Ban the lads mag don’t make me laugh

Ban the lads mag don’t make me laugh


this is anther thing i have have spoken about before small minority pressure groups trying to destroy the freedom once again in the course of trying to save societies ills. it just winds me up how people like this thin that these groups think they can dictate to the majority in the UK.


this is a group trying o get something banned not because it is detrimental to society but they don’t like lads mags, they bring up all the old arguments how lads mags harm how women think about themselves and in treats women as object that results in the objectifying of women.

well if that is right about lads mags just look at women mags, filled with scantly clad men and women showing a standers most women and men can not obtain. i think it is time that these feminists take a look at what they are saying and doing here.


first of all are these women forced into taking these photographs no, are these magazines amide at children no and lastly is there any harm if all parties both the reader and models freely take part and do not fiscally harm anyone in the posses i say again no.

to be honest it is not the magazines that course violence to women it is violent men and in some cases other women. to blame the magazine industry for the acts of violent people is just shifting the blame. i do not understand why this group is trying to say that reading a magazine will turn you into a brutish thug that will beat a woman to death. i don’t think it will. the simple truth is that there are people out there who will be violent even if there was no magazines about.


also i think there is a bit of dubble standards here like i said earlier they go on about the lads mag but women’s mags have pretty much the same rubbish in them, you don’t see these people stating this no you don’t. to me this seems to be dubble standers and a bit of do as i say but not as i do. i would not read these magazines as i find them very boring and unfulfilling, i have never wished to objectify a woman after reading them. the problem here is not the banning of smut or sentencing something as it is harmful. no it is the march of socialism in the UK again, these people think they have the right to tell the majority in the UK what to do and we are letting them yet again.

they have already blocked out the front of the magazines and are treating them like they contain hardcore pornography.


to be honest i would advise people to read a book or even play video games as they are a better use of you time than reading most lads mags and also many of the ladies mags. but i don’t expect people who wish to read these magazine publications to listen, also it is not my place to say what other people read.

this is not trying to stop the servitude of women it is a minority trying to instil censorship on the British people on i don’t like that and i think we should not put up with it.


all i will say is think about what you see is happening and speak out for your rights



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