society slippery road to social apathy

there are many time i think we as individuals need to have a bit of struggle to grow and to change into better people. but self-reliance can only take you so far, Society is at it most cohesive if the peace is kept, all members feel valued and the ones that can’t look after their needs are help.

helping people does not just mean to through money at a problem, but helping with an all-inclusive plan. one of social care, money and help with day-to-day tasks in some cases. some people would say why is it important to help the disabled and the people with mental health or development issues. well would say it shows how our society is, it shows the cohesiveness of our society.

i have seen over recent year a demonizing by certain parts of the government of the disabled mentally ill and the handicapped it this the UK. they have been used as scapegoat  by George Osborne MP so he can take any help off them in the name of saving money. to be honest i find this a bit distasteful, also it has cost more money than it has saved. why should the  bankers and investors mess up the UK economy get off scott free and what we do is take what we can off people who cant defend themselves. i mean god forbid that we take all the money off the people who coursed this crisis, maybe try an kick start manufacturing and build a more stable economy that is reduce our ever expanding foreign aid budget and focus on getting things back on track.  no lets blame people with downs syndrome and cerebral palsy, fiscal disabled and the mentally ill.

this is very harmful way to think the last time this happened most of the vulnerable  in society ended up homeless and many of the sever cases of handicapped people where in state run institutions. which cost the tax payer more and the life of those in state care was very restrictive and ended up in a lot of people becoming institutionalized and took away the last of their self reliance.

this is why we helped people how where vulnerable to gain some Independence even if they needed a bit of help. it stop many mentally ill people ending up on the street, getting them back into the work place if possible. over the past few year there has been more and more cases of self harm and suicide due to the acts of the chancellor of the exchequer, the most recent i have herd of is a man in stoke-on-trent.

is this how we wish to get back on track i don’t think so all you have to do is look at the Haman wreckage that is left yet we still give more money to the vulnerable abroad and at the same time we have left people starve to death in the UK. yes you will always get people cheating any system of welfare but that does not mean you penalize the whole of society for a minority of cheats.

over the past few years the most harmful thing that has happened is the banks under valuing  business  and not handing out loans and in general keeping billions in profits as they foreclose on viable business. these are the people who have cheated Britain.  maybe this is just my view but i am sick to death of this sycophantic idea of what is right and wrong. when society uses the weak and vulnerable it eventually detracts from what makes us human, the protection of the group and helping others so they can take part and contribute to society. may that be with care, a basic standard of living or even access to housing and health care . these things help cement our society. some people will say this is the road to Communism, but answer this one how many Communist states had or have health care  i can only count one. the more stable society is the more productive it is and the more the economy will grow.

what we have forgotten it that the reason the economy has gone how it has is not because of befits been given to people, it is the sale factories shipping manufacturing over seas as we have listens to accountants thinking that if you produce in places where there is cheap labour you can make a bigger profit failing to grasp if you move jobs abroad who can afford to buy them. we then have more and people in part time work and in fast food restaurants and the creation of social apathy.

eventually when all manufacturing has gone people stat to breakdown and loot it ends up with many people leaving these places and what happen it something like what happened to Detroit, i recommend watching (a requiem for Detroit) . this is where social apathy can destroy the society itself and only the a few will hang on in the shell of what once was.


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